Hello my fellow wiki family members,

I have a few things that I think we all should talk about.

First off, I would like warn you all not to have intercourse with any pies. (Shout out to the person who came on chat last night with the username!)

Now let's get down to bussiness.

Ideas for Wiki Modifcations

DD Themed Wiki Mini-Games

A new idea has arisen, dd wiki themed mini-games. Something like a twist to the Google Chrome dinosaur cactus-jumping game, but for the wiki. They could be installed for people to play them when chat's down, when people are on the wiki alone *AHEM ME EVERY DAY I'M THE OFFICIAL WIKI SECRUITY GUARD DREYUS SAID SO*, or just for the fun of them. Our fandom is expanding, as it always is. But look at the possibility before us! If we could create such games, it would decrease the boredem level on here a lot. Dreyus and I thought of two ideas so far:

1. A knockoff of the dinosaur cactus-jumping game where you play as the Englishman jumping over forks, adding in quotes such as, "I niether rollie or pollie", "We're going to plummet to our deaths", or even phrases from the cherished Englishman's rants. 

2. A maze game where you play as Aaron collecting Daves in a maze because Mal has stolen the Daves and lost them. Each level requires you to bring a certain number of Daves hidden in the maze to one of Aaron's senpais at the end of the maze and a possible villian inside the maze could be the Englishman with his fork of terror looking for someone to do some edits.

So it's just an idea, but we should consider it since our wiki would be over 20% more wexy if we installed mini-games to it. (Hopefully it's possible to make them.)

Wiki modifications that already exist:

There are some wiki modifications that already exist, but we don't have them on our wiki yet. One of these being the option to PM multiple people. We should figure out what modifications we could install to up the tech on here, especially since some really cool mods already exist. Yes I am aware of how Staff locked the js pages, but we'll have to wait until they're unlocked to assign more mods.


We want to bring back the Dreamt Awards episodes, but we need new categories and nominations.

Also, we're doing another funniest chats episode, mainly summer highlights, so if you have screenshots, please send them to Dreyus. It'll be longer than any other episode that's been released.

Official DD Wiki/DD Holidays?

I was also thinking we should establish official wiki holidays that must be celebrated in the wexiest ways possible. Possibly some unique dd holidays as well. For glory, for glory!

Naming the West

Our country needs a name! One that will strike fear into the hearts of our enemies! Got any good ideas? Post below. (Again: No Thong Republic or Spamnation)

So yeah

Gold stars for all!


Again, just ideas and things we need to talk about, so comment below if you can add to any of this in a way please! I know everyone's doing their best to come on and edit, so great job guys, gold star. :) We're not going to let the wiki die, so let's fire up that spirit! Thanks for reading.

Love Your Official Wiki Security Guard and Admin,


PS. Shhhh let me relish in my pitiful glory

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