Okay, so we have to improve some things for the wiki rn. 

I say we stop trying so hard to bring everything back. Maybe we need to fight fire with fire. Instead of running the wiki like a business with gimmicks to get everyone back, let's just do things the old way. Have a meme war, post funny nonsense, and kick off the summer with some good ol' wiki togetherness. How about a summer blog? We can bring back Spamnation. Let's just roll with it, but also stay serious to a note. We want things to be like they USED to be. Let's forget all our social standings and problems for a little. Let's be those quirky kids who got rejected at school and rejoiced here by posting puns and memes and talking about the good times. It's SUMMER for fuck's sake, haven't we done enough work this school year alone? We need our MOOD back, our atmosphere as Zeke put it. We have to remember what we started and florished as. 

So let go. Let go of all the stress you had this school year, stop remembering all the work. For some of us, this week is our last week of school before that long awaited summer break. Some of us are out of school already and we don't know what to do with ourselves. Let's all just bring it back. Throwback Thursday, Memory Monday, Flashback Friday, whatever you wanna call it. How about you create something, but for fun. Just because YOU want to. It can be anything. A meme, a poem, a drawing, a pun, anything. Or edit, make some pages just because! Update your pages, make this wiki look like it's cared about again. And of course, it isn't just the wiki. The wiki didn't make itself, we made it. And some of the people who are really fucking important in terms of contributing and creating are feeling unappreciated right now.

Give Zeke some genuine love, because he just got a hell-ton of deep stuff off his chest. We're here to support each other when shit gets hard, and it's been damn hard for him. 

Show Aaron he's making upgrades and games and all his beautiful creations for a REASON. Show him you actually appreciate it instead of saying, "Oh, cool," and giving it a quick glance. 

I understand that you might have a difficult time yourself right now at home. Maybe you have that last week of school stress, or you're getting anxiety about something in the future. But if you have the time, then come on and join us. If you want to talk about something, then we're here. If you just want to block out Reality like it's white noise, then come on chat and see if you have any ideas for events.

Lastly, I would like to let everyone know how much I appreciate you all. 

As Jamie and I deeply put it on chat one day, "Thanks for existing." Can you imagine this place without your role? Without someone else's? We ALL have our place on this wiki, even if you're just that stubby parsnip that sits on chat all day like me. You don't have to be insecure here, I've learned that from personal experience. You won't be wrongly judged here for something you can't control. You can be yourself, yes, it's cliche, but it's true and it means a lot compared to what the rest of society expects. 

I said it once, and I'll say it again,

We are the conscious

You're not crazy to us,

You're not a monster, you're one of us

Someone who got caught up in this dream dimension.

You can damn bet it's true. And I love you guys so much. You've been the realest these last few years, and you've given me the kind of love I find hard to come by these days. Zeke, you already know I love you so much; and that you were pretty much my saving grace of a boyfriend after my last two unfortunate relationships. You've been supporting me this entire time, and I think it's about time I return you the favor.

Aaron, I know it's been just us these past couple of weeks. Sometimes it gets so quiet we don't even talk to each other, but we still know we're there on chat. You know I love you and your art, and I'll always praise everything you make because it's damn good art and I couldn't do better myself. Even if it's just us and the tumbleweeds, making random noises and curling up into tiny little balls, we've bee sticking it out on this wiki for about two years now. You listen to my long ass stories, even if it's just some bullshit from school that pissed me off. I hope now that other people can come back so you have someone else to show your creations.

Jamie, I know we don't get much time on chat, but I can't think of a better security guard partner. You give me the peace of mind that you watch this place when I'm not here, and that means a lot. I know you'll give it to me straight if there's bad news, and this wiki has never met a better pun master. You rose in the ranks so fast because you're likeable to everyone, so don't forget that.  Keep doing what you're doing. Maybe now that summers come, we can make some more so-awful-they're-good puns and bring so life back to chat.

I can't go on to talk about everyone, or else this thing would be longer than it already is. Also I know this is a little poorly written since I kind of just let out all my thought vomit, sorry about that. Thanks for reading this far, go have a cookie or some icecream for getting here. <3 Love ya'll so much

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