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Usopp is the cowardly but strong sniper of the Straw Hat pirates and a member of Indigo Fire.


Usopp before timeskip

Usopp before the timeskip in One Piece

Usopp is widely known for his unusually long nose. This is somewhat of a joke from the creators of the One Piece anime since Usopp is known to be a liar, much like the long-nosed Pinochio character before him in the fairy tail. Usopp has tanned skin and curly black hair and is always found wearing overalls and goggles. He also carries a bag, usually filled with ammo, and wears a bandana around his head.


Usopp is known to be a liar, as said before, but he only lies to make himself sound good and does not lie with malicious intentions. Usopp is also known to be cowardly, running from fights and trying to encourage his crew mates not to do dangerous things or pick fights. Usopp likes to crack jokes and play pranks with his friends, and also enjoys telling stories. For the most part, he is lighthearted and friendly.

Abilities & Powers

Usopp after timeskip

Usopp after the timeskip in One Piece

Usopp is the best sniper on the crew, even earning the name Sniper King or Sogeking in the anime. He is an expert on using slingshots, arrows, and basically anything that requires aim. He makes all of his own ammo and enjoys experimenting with different attacks. Some of his well-known and iconic attacks are the egg star, the tobasco star, and the plant star. Launching eggs and balls of tobasco don't usually help, but in the anime these attacks have worked a few times. After the timeskip though, Usopp developed better and stronger attacks and is a lot stronger than he used to be.



Usopp shares a bond with a girl named Kaya from his home town, Syrup Village and they are dating. He is best friends with Luffy and Chopper and gets along well with the children.



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