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Violetta has long, wavy, dirty-blonde hair that she usually keeps tied up either in pig-tails, a messy bun, or one ponytail. She also has fair skin, dark blue eyes, and a dusting of freckles across her nose and cheeks. She is shorter than her brother and is very thin but strong looking. She is always standing in a defiant stance.


Violetta is the outgoing twin and is very loud and fierce. She is slightly sarcastic and immature but isn't overly annoying or unbearable. She teeters just in between tolerable and hate-able. She is usually always coming up with plans and theories and is a science prodigy. She is extremely curious and tends to seek things out instead of just working with what she has.


Violetta is an expert hacker and science prodigy. Her and her brother are known as the Technology Twins and work for The Aother government, over looking all their technology.


Chiaro is her brother. She also helped her brother create two sentient AIs, Mavis and Eros.



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