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Fox were

What is a Were?

A Were such as in werewolf is someone who has the genetic, and in most cases physical attributes, of another animal. The animal that the person can get their attributes from varies greatly, and you can find a Were for almost any animal you can name. Weres can look similar to their animal and can adopt many of their skills and habits. Weres can also be anthropomorphic, meaning they can turn into their animal almost like a shifter except their morphing is exclusive to only that certain species. Legendary weres like unicorn weres, phoenix weres, dragon weres are also possible and these weres gain the magical/elemental powers of their animal as well.

Deer girl by color sekai-d66lo1w

Deer Were

What do Weres Look Like?

Weres can look like a variety of things. Usually their appearance correlates to their animal in some way. For example, a dog were may have dog ears, a zebra were may have markings, a lizard were may have scales, ect. Their hair and eye colors may also relate to their animal. Some Weres even have wings, horns, large fangs or claws depending upon their animal. Usually, by looking at a Were you can get an idea of what their animal is.

What Can Weres Do?

While they can't perform magic (unless their animal is legendary like a unicorn or dragon, which is rare) their abilities still give them some form of an advantage, even if it isn't obvious. Weres can do most of the things their animals can do. Whether it's run fast, have an acute sense of smell, or even be able to blend with their surroundings, Weres have some form of supernatural talent. They may also have physical attributes that could make them excellent fighters or give them some sort of ability. As previously mentioned there are claws, large teeth, and wings can all set Weres apart from humans.


Cat Were

Other Names for Weres and Pop-culture

Neko and Inumimi are Japanese terms commonly used in anime. Neko can mean 'cat person' but usually refers to girls and inumimi means 'dog person' but again is mostly used in reference to girls. Nekos and Inumimis are mostly used as fanservice characters and aren't taken very seriously, but are extremely popular nonetheless.

Furrie is an American term used to describe anthropomorphic beings but has multiple negative connections. It's seen as highly sensualized community that most people look down upon and isn't a very appreciated term among actual Weres.

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