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Xael is Kyukyoku's extremely shy and sweet protector.


Xael has shaggy, blond hair that tends to fall over his eyes. He has wide, pale-blue, almost colorless, eyes, and a large amount of freckles that cover the bridge of his nose and extend from ear to ear, and sometimes it looks like has mud smeared across his face. Sometimes when he gets angry (which is very rare) his freckles move and rearrange. He's also relatively small for his age, and has pale skin.


Xael is extremely shy and stutters constantly when he speaks, no matter who he's talking to. He blushes a lot too, and is easily embarrassed, especially when it comes to appearances. Xael is also very sweet and compassionate, making sure no one feels out-casted.



Xael has some sort of power because he's a protector, but he's never used it and has never told anyone what it is. It is known that he isn't human, though, because of how he can manipulate small things like heat and wind, and as mentioned previously how his freckles sometimes move, but he doesn't make it very obvious.


Everyone on the crew treats him like a younger a sibling and is very protective of him.


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