Xin Hito is governed by a dynasty. The current dynasty is the Heping, and the Emperor is Guang and the Empress is Wuhan. The way dynasties work is that they keep on going until there is no one left to carry the name, or the dynasty dies out. Then the name is changed and the new dynasty reigns. The previous dynasty was the Zhenzhu, which switched over to the Heping when there were only daughters to carry on the family line. The Emperor's oldest daughter married a Heping, thus starting the Heping dynasty. It is believed the next dynasty will be the Cui, since the Emperor's only child, a daughter by the name of Ai, is dating a Cui.


Culturally, Xin Hito is divided into the east and the west, or Dong-Xin and Xi-Xin, respectively. Dong-Xin is highly modernized society that takes influence from various Asian trends and traditions. K-pop, J-pop, anime and idols are all very popular. Fashion is also a very big deal, with stores closely paying attention to the latest trends to sell. Many people study in the east for arts and animation. The area is also highly commercialized, with an abundance of big shops and restaurants. Dong-Xin is generally faster paced and more crowded.

Xi-Xin is more traditional and influenced by the older aesthetic of ancient Japan and China. Older styles of dress are common, such as kimonos. There is also a lot of yokai and bakemono that live in this area because of the sparser population. Therefore shrines and offerings are very common to see to help please the yokai and keep them from lashing out. The overall population of Xi-Xin is also older than that of Dong-Xin. Life is slower paced with most people working modest/demanding jobs.

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