Yunathai is a country located off the coast of the Kavik States that has lot of Amalou and Daemek influences. It is seen as a very progressive island nation.

Yunathai is currently in union with the Kavik States. However, most people in Yunathai practice Amalou Christianity. Yunathai’s official language is Amalou, with Kinsus being second and Daemek being a distant third. However they speak Amalou in a very distinct dialiect, so some consider Yunathinian Amalou to be its own sort of language. In general, there is more Amalou influence on the country.

The capitol is Maomu. Other big cities are New Bulai, Yomi, and Shinau. All of Yunathai's big cities are named after past Gods and Goddesses, with the except of New Denezza, which is named after the Satan who befriended Bulai. The population of Yunathai is 1.2 million people. Most people in Yunathai are angels, humans or half bloods (Angel/Human or Angel/Demon).

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