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He has messy blond hair and blue eyes. He also has freckles and needs to wear his glasses or contacts. If he doesn't he is as blind as a bat. (Though a bat is not actually blind.)


He is known as Zeke the Geek, Zoogle, and that smart one. He loves comics, specifically Marvel, and science fiction. He is very good with technology and makes a lot of crazy inventions. He is the only one on his crew with a laptop, so everyone uses it. He often needs to rebuild the laptop due to it constantly being exorcised. (the fanart can just be too much) Though he tends to try to stay calm, if you make him really angry or really stressed he will snap the same way Dawn does when she is separated from Mary. Only ten times worse. 

Close enough


He can assemble and manipulate technology with his mind. His preffered weapon are wolverine claws he made. 


He is Dawn's brother.


"Tecnology is everywhere... which means you have no where to run...." ~Zeek

"MY LAPTOP!!!!" ~Zeek

"I'm sorry, I can't feed you right now. I'm to busy defeating the orc overlord." ~Zeek


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