Zeke was originally an extremely negative gunslinger, but now is an integral part of the Dreyms and is Dreyus' second in command.


Zeke is an English blond boy with green eyes. He is 17 years old and also a bit tall for his age. He tends to wear somewhat casual clothing.


When Zeke first joined the Dreyms he was quite negative and somewhat unnerving to be around. But overtime he became more optimistic and is now an important part of the crew. He likes to think things through but can at times be quick to judge. He prefers to follow his instincts and is extremely loyal as well as hard-working. He tends to take the civilized path in an argument and tries to do things in a dignified manner. He also has a soft spot for his brother and Dreyus.


When Dreyus first met Zeke they were about to go on a mission into the school. He heavily intimidated her, especially when he started shooting things to the point that there was nothing left of them. She was also caught off guard by his unrealistically negative attitude, but as time went on they became close friends.


Abilities & Powers

Zeke's weapon of choice is a gun. He has deadly accuracy and can shoot targets from great distances. He does not have any supernatural powers or abilities.


Collin is his brother. Douglas is his cousin. Drake is his rival.


  • "We're all going to plummet to our deaths."
  • "Collin, it isn't Tea Time."
  • "I neither rollie nor pollie."
  • "Izzamer...oh Izzamer!"
  • "Sweat from your eyes like a badass!"
  • "I am a wizard! And just between you and me, I'm related to Harry Potter."


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