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Noemi and Zoro's second son. Named after one of Noemi's favorite screamo singers.


Zetro has purple hair and bright amber-yellow eyes. His hair is medium length and wild and wavy like Noemi's.


Despite being one of the older children, Zetro involves himself in cookie thievery and can be very amusing with small pranks. He has a very bright personality despite his mother's negative attitude and being a shadow elemental. He is very confident and in his spare time he learns how to dance in various different styles from T.J.

Abilities & Powers

Zetro is a shadow elemental and his weapon of choice when fighting are knives. He is also a neko but not a were and his catlike reflexes mixed with his graceful movements from dancing helps him to easily dodge and stealthily kill his opponents. He plans to become a professional dancer when he grows up and is already very good.



Zetro is Noemi and Zoro's second son and one of Purrggh's favorite brothers. He also enjoys messing with his brother Ender Roronoa and teases him for being so serious.



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