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Zoro Junior

Zoro Junior is one of Noemi and Zoro's sons.

Zoro Junior


He looks almost exactly like his father but has a lot more green in his eyes. He also has both his ears pierced with two studs in each. ZJ has tanned skin and usually wears casual clothes.


He tends to be quiet, but has clever moments and will not hesitate to play pranks with the other children on the crew. ZJ (as many of the crew call him) looks up to his father very much and learned how to use swords from him during the War. He is a very ambitious child and one time even dragged Zoro's cursed katana, the Sandai Kitetsu out to fight Loyalists without telling his parents at age five. Though he was almost killed shielding the sword with his body as the Loyalists jeered and kicked him while simultaneously trying to steal the sword, his passion for swordry never faded. He continued to observe his father while he trained and now attends classes at his father's dojo after school. Some even say he's like a copy of Zoro since the two are so similar. ZJ studies hard at school though, and is very interested in science that Zoro claims is "Kyoya-level". He takes physics classes and aims to study the science of fighting when he grows up. Like many other children on the crew, he found his dream at a young age but is still deciding on what to do. He is ambitious, nonetheless and will always strive towards his goals and never leaves a project incomplete.

Abilities & Powers

Zoro Junior is human but is training in swordry and has super strength. He is a child, so he doesn't fight anymore but he does take classes at his father's dojo and has mastered one sword style and two sword style so far. He studies well in school and has unfaltering determination in his goals, never letting something go undone. He is quite intelligent and takes an interest in science, especially physics. During the War he made attempts to fight when he could but often did not since he was too young and his parents kept him safely inside. This frustrated him but he did not sneak out to fight again after the incident when he was almost killed.



Noemi and Zoro's son ,and his closet siblings are Kasai, Leif, Zetro, Ender. He also favors his younger brother Mammoru. He also has some close school friends since many of his brothers are away at boarding schools.



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