Zyla is the cool and collected musician on the Dreyms.


Zyla has short hair, styled in a pixie-cut, that is dyed neon green and violet. She has hazel eyes and a commendable amount of piercings which make her look like a punk rocker. She wears mostly edgy clothing and can appear to be quite intimidating.


She is level-headed and always keeps her calm. She doesn't talk much, but when she does it's always helpful information or much needed advice. She is also very creative and can play the piano with amazing skill. She is one of the more reliable members of the Dreyms, and the crew regards her as a sort of rock, supporting and strong.



Before joining Dreyus' crew Zyla was the pianist for a band called the Silver Skyscrapers, which would often play gigs at the Brooklyn's rival cafe. Anything more about her past remains unknown.

Powers & Abilities

Her weapon of choice is her bow staff but really she can use virtually any weapon available. She is versatile in her fighting styles and is a commendable fighter. But other than this she has no other special powers.


Fallen is her girlfriend.



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